The most common repairs on your smartphones

Replace the screen, the case or the battery of the smartphone or restore itafter a fall in the water, the tricks to work alone directly at home. The smartphone is a device as technological as it is fragile and for…

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The SD card of your smartphone does not work ? Here’s how to recover the data

Do not format the SD cardimmediately If your SD cardis damaged, do not attempt to format it or you will lose everything stored inside. This procedure is recommended once you have recovered the contents. Before you pick up the SD…

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What to do if the touch screen of your smartphone doesn’t work?

The phone touch screen may not work due to hardware or software problems: solutions are different, from cleaning to calibration. Has the touch screen stopped working? There maybe several causes for this problem, but the solutions are not as tragic…

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Can a phone explode or catch fire?

News sites report, on an annual basis, cases of modern smartphones that have caught fire or literally exploded, causing damage to property and people. The case of one smartphone was striking. Reports of serious explosions or fires have led to…

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Recycling: How to give a second life to your old smartphone?

Technology is evolving rapidly. Even if the manufacturers of technological devices do it slowly and without exaggerating too much, after a few years, an electronic device, whatever it is, is almost already old. Find out here, how to recycle a…

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Solve weak or absent network problems on a cell phone

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to use a cell phone in an area where the signal is weak or absent. Indeed, if this problem depends on the area you are in is isolated, on other occasions it seems…

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