Can a phone explode or catch fire?

News sites report, on an annual basis, cases of modern smartphones that have caught fire or literally exploded, causing damage to property and people. The case of one smartphone was striking. Reports of serious explosions or fires have led to the suspension of sales of this smartphone. But the phone we are currently usingis in danger of exploding ? What can we do to reduce the risk ? In this article, we will try to provide all the true answers on the subject, in order to have a solid base of information to build on and to avoid the rumors and urban legends that circulate too often on the subject. In fact, by following the simple rules of the guide, we will reduce the risk of explosion or fire on our phone to almost zero, so that you can sleep soundly regardless of the smartphone manufacturer.

How to avoid telephone explosions?

To reduce the risk of explosion of our smartphone or phone to almost zero, you must control the battery temperature at all times, even if you simply place your hand on the back of the shell. If you realize that you cannot keep your fingers or your whole hand on the shell for more than a few minutes because of the heat generated, the temperature of the battery is very high and you will have to take the necessary counter measures to avoid the explosion. We have gathered below other situations that can considerably increase the internal temperature of the battery and that we must avoid : - Leaving the phone under the sun in the car: one of the most common mistakes when using the phone, especially in summer. The sun can quickly overheat the body and the battery, increasing the risk of explosion by up to 50%. - Leaving the phone nea rheat sources: Even if the phone is left near an oven or fan that expels hot air, it can increase the risk of explosion. - Sitting or lying down with the phone in your pocket: how many times have we sat or laid down on a chair, armchair or bed with the phone in our pants pocket? These movements can cause the phone's internal battery to bend or twist, reducing the resistance of the lithium batteries over time. If over heated later, the battery could be weakened and release the lithium at a barely elevated temperature, causing an unpleasant explosion. - Use covers that are too stuffy : Some covers maybe so thick that they block air recirculation, raising the internal temperature of the battery well beyond what is allowed, especially in summer. In the summer, it is suggested that you use your phone with a simple silicone cover, a book cover, or better yet, no cover at all. - Leave the phone under a pillow or blanket:evenwhen the phone screen isturned off, a pillow or blanket can raise the temperature of the internalbattery, whichgreatlyincreases the risk of explosion, even in winter. Whenyousleep or want to rest, leave the phone charged, preferably on the floor, to avoid possible damage or additional fire. - Use improved or non-original batteries : this is probably the most likely scenario when talking about a phone explosion. The use of an improved or non-original battery increases the risk of explosion by more than 50%, because to the dangerous situations already described above are added the electrical differences between the logic board and the new battery. If the battery does not last as long as before, we do not replace it at low cost with non-original parts, but contact the manufacturer's service center directly, so that only original spare parts can be used. By carefully reading all the scenarios we have suggestedabove and putting the suggestions into practice, you will avoid the vast majority of situations where the phone may explode. Of course, we cannot rule out manufacturing defects in the construction of the lithium battery or the electrical circuits, which in fact unconsciously increase the risk of explosion, but with the suggested suggestions we will make sure that explosion is unlikely.

How to avoid telephone or cable fires?

To avoid the risk of fire on our smartphones, the same rules apply as for explosions, because the two events are often linked. In addition, you must pay special attention to external components, i.e. the charging cable and the wall charger: if you use components that are not original or specific to the type of phone you are using, the risk of short circuit increases. Therefore, simply use the charger and the original cables upplied in the phone box, avoiding using worn USB cables with wires coming from the outside, damaged plugs or chargers that make strange noises or buzzes. If one of the charging elements is broken, we use original spare parts from our manufacturer. Conclusion To prevent our smartphone from exploding or catching fire, just follow a few simple common sense rules when using the device and make sure you use genuine parts. These precautions are obviously useful to reduce the risks, but they do not reduce them to zero : a factory defect or a faulty electrical outlet in the home can still cause a fire or explosion even if you take great care to follow the rules set out in the guide. If your phone gets very hot, it is recommended that you also follow the advice given in our guide If your phone gets hot, how to cool your smartphone, to reduce the risk of accidents.

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