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The best cheap phones

Are you opposed to the prices of Apple’s and Samsung’s latest flagship products ? Consider one of these affordable alternatives. From $400 to free, our choices even include a few phones with a stylus and one with three rearview cameras….

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The mostpowerful and best Android phones of the moment

The best smartphones of the moment are those that offer superior performance, a recent processor, a good battery, a camera that has good performance, graphics, a high-end screen, etc.. If you don’t have a lot of wallet problems and you…

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The new features of iOS 13 on iPhone

Every year, when a new version of iOS comes out and after installing the update, every iPhone user (at least the most geeky ones) spends the first few minutes frantically browsing through the applications looking for new features in the…

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Why buy a reconditioned cellphone?

It’s no secret that cell phones are very expensive. Every year, manufacturers of smartphones and cell phones redouble their imagination to bring to marketever more powerful models, equipped with cutting-edge technologies and capable of performing a host of tasks that…

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What are the best Oppo smartphones?

A smartphone is a complex technological device. It is therefore a good idea to analyze all its aspects before rushing to buy it. To buy Oppo smartphone, you need to take into account all aspects. One of the most important…

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