Why buy a reconditioned cellphone?

It's no secret that cell phones are very expensive. Every year, manufacturers of smartphones and cell phones redouble their imagination to bring to marketever more powerful models, equipped with cutting-edge technologies and capable of performing a host of tasks that have become essential in daily life. Fortunately, itis possible to have access to modern devices without breaking the bank by opting for a reconditioned cell phone.

Whatis a reconditioned cellphone?

A reconditioned cell phone is a defective device that has been repaired and refurbished by the manufacturer or by a certified retailer for resale. Reconditioned does not, of course, mean that the cell phone is new. It is a device that has undergone technical or cosmetic interventions to restore it to working order, but may have some minor defects. For this reason, reconditioned phones are classified into 4 categories : - New; - Very good condition; - Good condition; - Fair condition.

Almost new cell phone

Buying a reconditioned cell phone is not the same as buying a used one from an acquaintance or an auction site. A reconditioned product will undergo rigorous testing to ensure that it is in perfect working order before being sold. Suppliers test eachcell phone individually by subjecting it to a rigorous check before selling it. This means that when you buy a reconditioned cell phone, you can get a device that is as good as the one you would find in a store, but at a lowerprice.

A cell phone at an attractive price

Like most high-value items, smartphones depreciat every quickly, which means your expensive new high-tech gadget won't be worth as much as it was a week ago. Studies have shown that some smartphone models have lost an average of 70% of their value in the first few weeks after launch. So if you buy a refur bished product, you can get a real bargain. It's perfect if you want to introduce your grand parents to smartphones.

No expensive mobile plan

When you take out a cell phone contract with an included device, a large part of your monthly bill will be spent on paying for your cell phone rather than your minutes, SMS and data. Switching to a mobile plan with a SIM card could save you a lot of money because you will only pay for your phone usage and not for that expensive brand new smartphone.

Insurances and guarantees

Buying a refurbished cell phone can have all the benefits you expect from a new phone, including the ability to insure your device. In fact, most reconditioned phone providers offer a warranty that ensures you are covered if something goes wrong with your device.

Respect for the environment

If you care about the environment, buying a refurbished cell phone instead of a new one is a great way to help the planet. And if you're concerned about your carbon footprint and are a strong advocate for the environment, buying a reconditioned phone will allow you to do your part to reduce the consumption of non-renewable natural resources.

Tips for Buying a Reconditioned Phone

Here are some tips to follow before buying a reconditioned cellphone: - Ask the specialists before making your purchase. Some smartphone models are more resistant to reconditioning than others. It would be a shame to spend your money on a phone that will eventually break down after a few weeks. - Take a tour of phone stores to compare prices. As more and more retailers are offering reconditioned phones, the prices displayed differ from one store to another for the same model. You can also use the online price comparison service. - Once you've found the phone you need, take the time to make sure it's in working order by testing all of its features. Pay special attention to the battery as itis one of the most important elements in the life of a device. - Don't aim for the latest models. Some smartphones, even when reconditioned, are still extremely expensive. It is not uncommon for a new version of an earlier model to beless expensive than a reconditioned version of a recent model. Ask yourself the right questions and use common sense.

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