Recycling: How to give a second life to your old smartphone?

Technology is evolving rapidly. Even if the manufacturers of technological devices do it slowly and without exaggerating too much, after a few years, an electronic device, whatever it is, is almost already old. Find out here, how to recycle a smartphone even if it is old. You can try to optimize it and use it to the maximum of its possibilities, without suffering from slowness and without depriving yourself of functions.

1) Turn your mobile into a surveillance camera

If you want to keep a room under surveillance with a do-it-yourself system, you can connect your mobile to the wifi network. So you can use it as a camera thanks to an application.

2) Use your old mobile as a digital photo frame

A tablet would be preferable for this use, but a cell phone can work to scroll through family or vacation photos on the screen. Afterwards, interested guests can view them. The system is easy to set up and customize with graphic and sound effects.

3) Keep the old phone in the car as an offline GPS navigator

Why use your iPhone as a navigator and discharge its battery when you can keep your old iphone still connected to the car charger?

4) Use your smartphone as a remote control

It is all perfectly possible to make an Android mobile work like a TV remote control with Google Chrome cast. Otherwise, you can use an application like Video stream. So you can use your Samsung Galaxy as a Chromecast remote connected to the TV. Instead of using your new cell phone, you can dedicate your old Samsung Galaxy to these purposes by always keeping it close to the TV.

5) Remote control for PC

With some applications, you can use Android applications to control your PC remotely.  Use your Huawei as a wifi computer mouse and keyboard

6) Android e-bookreader

If your old Samsung Galaxy note i is equipped with a screen of 5 inches or more, it can really serve as a screen for reading books. It's handy to keep in your pocket, small but big enough for a good reading. Use the application already integrated in any Android cell phone, Google Play Books or download the Amazon Kindle application. You can use your Samsung Galaxy note to listen to audio books.

7) Usingyourcell phone as a router

This is the only case where you need a SIM card with an internet subscription in your old Huawei. A Huawei can become a portable router to connect to the Internet from your PC or other devices, in Wifi. You can find on the internet, a guide to use your Huawei as a wifi or bluetooth hotspot.

8) Turn your old cell phone into a stereo to listen to music

If you have a pair of speakers to connect to your Huawei, just charge itwith music. Otherwise, you can connect it to the Internet via wifi to listen to music as you would with a modern stereo. Remember that there is a device called Chromecast Audio to listen to music from your Huawei even on old stereos.

9) Connect your smartphone to the TV

If you can use your old iphone to listen to music. You can choose to dedicat eit to streaming movies as if it were a multimedia center.

10) Charger for your new smartphone

If the battery is in good condition, it can be used to charge another phone. To do this, simply use a USB-OTG cable and automatically it configures it as a USB host will charge the other.

11) An alarmclock

The alarm clock is certainly one of the most useful functions of all smartphones. It is convenient to keep your old iphone fixed on the bed side table. It is connected to the power cord at all times, displaying a nice clock and works as an alarm clock that works even if the light goes out.

12) Play devices for children

Video games are always a great attraction for children. Given the amount of Android games available, it might be a good idea to let your kids play them. This way theyf orget to take the new one and risk breaking it.

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