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Discover all the news and innovations in terms of smartphones, shopping guides and advice tailored to your needs and expectations in mobile telephony.


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Your mobile is broken? Don't panic! If itis no longer under warranty, passion-mobile will accompany you, step by step, with many tips and tutorials to repair your phone yourself.


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A cell phone today is a mini-computer! If you want to make the most of all the features of your cell phone, discover on this site all our advice on how to use and optimize your device.


A problem with your foldable Smartphone? The screen of your Smartphone has been cracked following a fall or a violent shock ? Your Smartphone is no longer covered by the manufacturer’s warranty ? Thanks to our repair guides, don’t be afraid to repair your Smartphone on you rown. Equip yourself with the necessary equipment and follow our tutorials to get your Smartphone refurbished.

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You can take advantage of a wide choice of tutorials specially selected to meet all your needs

Smartphone repair

Smartphone repair

You benefit from a wide choice of tutorials specially selected to meet all your needs.

Mobile news

Mobile news

Discover all the news about cell phones, smartphones and tablets.

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Tips & Tricks

The best tips and tricks for your Smartphone. Make its use more pleasant than ever!

Disassembling a cell phone

Disassembling a cell phone

Smartphone comparison

Smartphone comparison

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